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Diamond Pistons

Pistons / Piston Pins

  • Diamond announces new competition diesel pistons for Ford Power Stroke

    Clinton Township, MI: For Ford Power Stroke V8 turbocharged diesel engines, both 6.0 and 7.3 liter, Diamond has announced new, sturdy 2618 billet aluminum pistons that replace the original equipment aluminum castings. Permitting boost levels of 100-plus-psi their cardinal element is robustness. In addition, they receive the protection of a Double Diamond coat that adds […]

  • New Competition Series pistons for Sportsman big-block Chevrolet racing engines

    • Forged, inboard piston bodies for lightest weight and maximum strength • Vertical gas ports for maximum ring seal • H13 piston pins for maximum reliability Clinton Township, MI: Diamond has announced a new line of pistons for the highly popular big-block Chevrolet Sportsman racing engines. Known as their Competition Series, they are suitable for […]

  • New piston forgings for GM 305 small blocks

    • Forged rib-side design with strongest known stiffening ribs • Supplied with 4130 alloy steel piston pins case hardened to 60 Rockwell Clinton Township, MI: Diamond has announced a new forged piston for all 305 GM small-block engines including the 305 RaceSaver Sprint cars. Created in a flat-top style with two symmetrical valve pockets 2cc […]

  • New billet oval track racing pistons for Sprint cars, Late Models, & Dirt Modifieds

    • Billet inboard designs promoting lightness and strength • H13 tool steel piston pins combating extreme pressures • Available for 0.043in or 0.0325in ring sets Clinton Township, MI: Diamond has announced a new billet oval track racing piston for Sprint cars, Late Models and Dirt Modifieds. With a domed crown and configured in the familiar inboard style, […]

  • Diamond’s new flat top and dished pistons for GM L92 / LS3 (Camaro)

    Clinton Township, MI: Diamond is announcing two new pistons—flat tops and dished—for Chevy L92 / LS3 engines (Camaro). • Flat top & dish designs for popular L92 cylinder heads • Bore & stroke dims of 4.005 to 4.130in & 3.622 to 4.000in respectively • Top ring placement accommodates N/A & nitrous or forced induction • Premium […]

  • Diamond’s new billet pistons offer the possibility of more radical designs not previously available to engine builders

    In every class of motor sport, engine power is increasing in impressive leaps. Even small displacement engines now produce horsepower that only ten years ago was considered the realm of highly refined and exotic mills hundreds of cubic inches larger. And sizeable cubic inch power plants regularly produce over 1,000 horsepower in street trim with […]

  • Diamond launches lightest-ever drag racing billet pistons for big-block power-adder engines

    Diamond launches lightest-ever drag racing billet pistons for big-block power-adder engines Diamond is announcing what they believe to be the lightest ever billet aluminum pistons with button retainers for big-block power-adder drag race engines. Produced from 2618 material and designed for use in Pro Mod, Alcohol Dragster, Alcohol Funny Car, and Outlaw 10.5 race engines, […]

  • Understanding and Measuring Compression Ratio

    Building horsepower involves paying attention to detail. Without following that simple initiative, one cannot expect to end up with a power plant that is able to traverse the quarter-mile in the shortest amount of time. One of the more important aspects involved in the production of horsepower involves the calculation of the compression ratio within […]

  • Diamond introduces center-of-gravity balancing, breaks further ground in weight reduction and announces 380-gram piston for small-block Chevrolet race engines

    New 2618 billet aluminum pistons for small-block Chevrolet drag racing engines feature: • Center-of-gravity balancing to enable the pistons to operate squarely in the bores • Short inboard pins and bosses to reduce mass • Smaller skirt patches to minimize frictional losses • Slim ring grooves to accommodate 0.7mm piston rings Diamond has introduced center-of-gravity […]

  • Welcome to Diamond Racing Blog

    Welcome to our blog. This is where you will find the latest news, products, updates, customers of the month, photos, results, etc…

  • 3 Reasons why accurately calculating compression ratios is important

    alculating compression ratios accurately is important for at least three reasons. “First,” says Bob Fox, head of Diamond Pistons, “pistons are often requested with compression ratios higher than are physically possible to provide. Second, some sanctioning bodies stipulate strict limitations on compression ratios, and if they are not calculated precisely, the racer could either squander […]