New billet oval track racing pistons for Sprint cars, Late Models, & Dirt Modifieds

• Billet inboard designs promoting lightness and strength
• H13 tool steel piston pins combating extreme pressures
• Available for 0.043in or 0.0325in ring sets

Clinton Township, MI: Diamond has announced a new billet oval track racing piston for Sprint cars, Late Models and Dirt Modifieds. With a domed crown and configured in the familiar inboard style, these new pistons are introduced as an upgrade to conventional round skirt types and operate with racing fuel or methanol.

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As engine power inevitably increases each year and engine builders begin to observe fine hairline stress cracks in their forgings, billets are the obvious successor. Ironically, a little lighter yet stronger, the billet piston endures higher compression ratios and greater piston speeds.

Its lightness is achieved partly by reduced piston skirt area and partly by the use of shorter pin bosses, thus lighter piston pins. Its additional strength is acquired by the billet’s flexibility: ribs acting as load paths are placed exactly as required. These are the inherent advantages of the billet inboard piston.

Beyond this, Diamond provides H13 tool steel piston pins, either DLC coated or uncoated, as well as top or side gas ports. These transfer combustion gases to the inner regions of the top ring grooves, maintain ring contact with the cylinder wall, and promote dependable ring sealing.

Included in each kit is a standard ring pack the dimensions of which are 0.043in, 0.043in, and 3mm oil control ring. Moreover optional ring grooves to suit Total Seal’s 0.8mm (0.0325in) piston rings are also available.

Lastly, provided with or without molybdenum skirt coating, Diamond produces these new oval track racing pistons in 2618 aluminium.

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