Diamond announces new competition diesel pistons for Ford Power Stroke

Clinton Township, MI: For Ford Power Stroke V8 turbocharged diesel engines, both 6.0 and 7.3 liter, Diamond has announced new, sturdy 2618 billet aluminum pistons that replace the original equipment aluminum castings.

27dDiamondPowerStrokePermitting boost levels of 100-plus-psi their cardinal element is robustness. In addition, they receive the protection of a Double Diamond coat that adds longevity, reduces friction and decreases wear. The process consists of applying a hard anodized etching to both surfaces, inside and out, followed by a molybdenum skirt coating.

Shelf-stock part numbers are available in all common bore sizes while custom units are offered in virtually any bore size. Standard dish volumes and swirl chambers with undercut rims to promote turbulence are used for shelf-stock part numbers. Conveniently, custom dish designs are produced to customers’ specifications. Further customized options are engineered for competition applications, including side gas-ports to enhance ring seal.

Combustion forces are transferred to the connecting rods via H13 tool steel piston pins. The endurance qualities of the pins are enhanced by the addition of a diamond-like carbon coating. Wear resistant and virtually devoid of friction, these coated pins are available in differing wall thicknesses depending upon boost levels.

To complete the kit Diamond provides a three-ring pack using a steel top ring, an RBT second ring and a conventional oil control ring. Their thicknesses measure 1/16, 1/16, and 3/16in.

For more information contact:
Diamond Pistons 23003 Diamond Drive, Clinton Township, MI 48035

Telephone (877) 552-2112 or visit www.DiamondRacing.net or e-mail Mike Knowles at

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